Bloganuary – Day 3

What is the earliest memory you have?

If you know me, you know that I am pretty transparent about the fact that I do not have many memories at all from my childhood. Memory is unreliable and we have a tendency to block out bad memories. Answering this question is really hard for me. However, I wanted to give this a go. I thought about this all day and I am still not sure this memory is the one I want to share but it made me happy to reflect back on – this is what ultimately made me decide on this one.

I guess for me, it would be the fond memories I have with my cousins during my summer breaks from school. I can’t remember specifics, like when this happened. I spent a ton of time with my cousins (I have a lot) and I have one particular memory of us singing “Oh Mickey” and other silly songs (we all wanted to be the next American Idol lol), eating sandwiches on a picnic table (provided my wonderful “Aunt Nena”), and dipping popcorn in ketchup (weird, right?).

Here are some pictures I wanted to share that my aunt (“Aunt Nena”) recently sent me:

That or my first time watching IT. I snuck into the living room with one of my cousins at my Aunt Nena’s house. We got in big trouble and were both scared to death!

Happy blogging, y’all.

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